You are purchasing the assistance and time of one of our ReloAngels. We have three ways in which you will be able to communicate with your ReloAngel. Most time-efficient is via our internal messaging system – Angel-Answer – write a question, receive an answer. You can of course have telephone or VoIP conversations with your ReloAngel – Angel-Talk – or meet your ReloAngel face-to-face – Angel-Walk.

Our services are time based. Relocation packages have a time limit that is measure in 5 minute units, Stars. With your Stars you purchase your relocation service. You have the possibility to make changes; reallocate Stars to different relocation tasks or packages and purchase additional Stars. Stars left over from any package are valid for two years from the date of purchase for the location they were purchased for.

How it works

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  • Unfortunately we don’t offer standard packages in XX yet. Contact us for custom options.

  • 2 Hours

    A two hours conversation with a ReloAngel who is local to the country and town you are relocating to will give you more relevant local knowledge than two weeks searching the internet. Your ReloAngel will inform you about the does, and more importantly the don’ts, when settling in your new host location. This two hours package is designed to answer those burning questions and to help decide and prioritize your needs from a relocation service. And if you feel you need more time with your ReloAngel you just purchase additional Stars.

  • 5 Hours

    Take a voyage of discovery. Your destination is decided and you’ve started to plan your move. Time now for a spot of online fieldwork to see for your self what the future holds in store. For that first visit we help you plan and arrange everything online – from airport/station pickup, temporary accommodation and car hire to meetings with real-estate agents, mortgage advisors and lawyers. And we can help you scout for homes, schools, offices and other amenities that are on your wish-list, so that you are well prepared upon arrival. Our comprehensive questionnaire helps you define essential aspects of your Orientation Trip sharply, all with the expert assistance of your ReloAngel.

    • Pre-trip questionnaire analyses
    • Itinerary planned to your requirements
    • ReloAngel available online for period of trip
    • Post-trip analysis and relocation advice fron your ReloAngel

  • * Hours

    Moving to another country involves dealing with immigration offices and following official entry procedures. This package is for clients who like official entry procedures to be completely taken care of. The service contains facilitation of all official requirements for moving, working and living in your new destination, including visas, work permits, municipal and tax registration, health insurance and any administrative requirements We will also advise you about customs clearance for personal belongings such as cars and household goods etc.

    • Listing papers, diplomas and certificates you need to supply.
    • Enlisting legal counsel to apply in your name for all 
necessary procedures and registrations.
    • Contacting the different agencies, ministries and institutions.
    • Supervising and coordinating all of the official paperwork.

    *  The total cost for this service depends on among others your nationality and that of your family members, country of destination, sometimes on your qualifications, age and additional details.

  • 8 Hours

    The right home in the right neighbourhood. That’s key to a comfortable life, especially in a foreign country. RelocateYourself offers a complete housing package to ensure your new home is right for you and your family. We’ll help you define your needs about renting of buying, bringing you own furniture or purchasing new items, deciding what proportion of your income to set aside for housing, ensure your home is conveniently located for work. We’ll also discuss schools, health care and leisure facilities and shopping areas so that you make the right choices. After that, we will arrange tours with housing agents and help prepare a viewing schedule. We’ll offer guidance on opening bank accounts and refer you to mortgage brokers, surveyors, lawyers, public notaries and insurance advisors. We’ll coordinate contract negotiation and even arrange utility connections such as gas, water, internet, TV and phone. So all you need to do is turn the key and walk through your new front door, arranged with the expert assistance of your ReloAngel.

    • Local area and general housing information.
    • Housing needs analysis, defining housing options.
    • Advice on reliable agents, setting rental/purchasing guidelines and official matters.
    • Pre-signing contract-check
    • Advice on utility connections, insurance procedures and other housing essentials.
    • Coordination and supervision of contract negotiations.

  • 0 Hours

    This is a free service for everybody relocating with more than a 23 kilogram suitcase. Our moving expert will find you the best and most suitable deal for relocating your belongings from and to any location, worldwide.

    • A talk with our moving consultant
    • Discussion of transport conditions
    • Facilitation proposals and estimates from movers
    • Negotiate and finalise the contract

  • 4 Hours

    This package provides you with 
the inside scoop on your new destination. Your ReloAngel will introduce you to your new neighbourhood and make sure you settle in straight away. Your RrloAngel will tell you all you need to know about the local social system and customs. We’ll point out amenities such as places of worship, libraries, community and information centres, sports and health clubs, cultural venues for art, music and theatre. Other items include banking services, restaurant tips, evening and weekend food and household shopping, garden centres, public transport and taxis, language lessons, and children’s activities. With the Settling In Package, you’ll feel like a local before you know it.

    • Explain the social system and way of life.
    • Locating places of worship, community based centres, clubs, libraries, gyms, etc.
    • Facilitating enrolments, public transport, newspaper subscriptions, etc.
    • Overview of expat community and networking opportunities.

  • 4 Hours

    After arrival expatriates can be faced with many questions and challenges, both in their work and in their domestic life. Finding answers and getting practical support is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful and happy relocation. The After Care package will address any issues you face after your relocation and offer functional support.

    • Ad hoc problem solving.
    • Resources recommendations: medical specialists, tax matters, lawyers etc.
    • Advice and information on anything you come across that needs an explanation: official letters, bank forms, insurance policies, traffic violations etc.
    • Guidance through the completion of official paperwork, permits and other registrations.

  • 4 Hours

    So you’ve landed that dream job far from home. But what’s the deal for your partner? Our Partner Support package, customized to your needs and delivered by your ReloAngel, assesses the needs of your partner, draws up a personal plan, advises on local resources and networks, and arranges paperwork. Let your partner discover a world of opportunities in the areas of employment, study and leisure while you’re at work.

    • Needs assessment
    • Personal planning for your time abroad.
    • Introduction to local resources and networks
    • Guidance through the completion of official paperwork, permits and other registrations.

  • 3 Hours

    This package was compiled to support you when making difficult decisions on your children’s education; do you choose a national or an international school? Is it time to start looking at universities? These selections have a great effect on your child’s life. Your ReloAngel will assist you reviewing all local opportunities and making the appropriate choices.

    • Overview of education options for the international child.
    • Determining special schooling requirements.
    • Checking availability and arranging visits to suitable schools and universities.
    • Explaining exam results and education systems, school transport and commuting distances.