RelocateYourself offer a full range of online relocation services, packaged into modular units and delivered by locally operating ReloAngels. The service is cost effective, totally interactive and driven by the relocating assignees requirements and their budget. Our software platform intuitively organizes and archives the flow of information between assignee and ReloAngel and is accessible 24/7. The software presents the assignee with a continuous overview of their relocations progress. We offer a pay-as-you-go purchasing facility without the necessity for long-term contracts enabling ongoing, one-off or emergency assistance when required. Together with human resources we develop budget controlled services focused on individuals, partners and families providing a healthy balance to ensure lower costs, pinpointed services and contented transferees.

Companies who only need to move assignees occasionally, can simply purchase one of the basic relocation packages directly online – no ongoing contracts needed.  Companies and organizations moving dozens of people to a variety of countries, can develop a suite of individually designed packages specific to the requirements of the employer, the employee, destination and the budget. Companies and organizations that prefer to keep relocation in-house can purchase their own RelocateYourself relocation-shop, to be downloaded onto their intranet. They can fully utilize the RelocateYourself software platform, and have access to the ReloAngels. There is also the option of using our standard relocation packages, or to access the training and support offered by RelocateYourself and design their own.

Client: A leading UK energy supplier

needed to move their valuable team of IT developers from Eastern Ukraine to a EU country. RelocateYourself were called in to assist in finding a culturally, economically and politically suitable location and manage the group move. Krakow in Poland was the final choice.

The relocating families were interviewed early in the process. Their wishes were translated into plans and a relocation path for each family. Four ReloAngels were assigned to the project. Relocation was handled online. They could ask questions – city life, home finding, education, lifestyle – and get a feel of what life would be like in Krakow, matching hopes and expectations to reality of daily living. They all settled well and made a positive relocation

Client: Open University professor

living in the Middle East approached RelocateYourself for advice. He was offered a two years guest professorship in Amsterdam. How would it be and what preparations were necessary to integrate into Amsterdam life, being a single parent with a 14 years old daughter.

The ReloAngel appointed advised on educational options, secured a school place for the daughter, found suitable housing with easy access to public transport for the daughter’s daily school journey. Initially the client bought 3 hours of online relocation support. Prior to arriving in Amsterdam our client purchased 3 additional hours for the ReloAngel to conduct housing check-in, registration requirements insurance matters and neighbourhood information, saving our client unnecessary extra flight to Amsterdam for administrative hassle.



By allowing clients to design their own relocation project they are in control of when and where they choose to buy assistance, providing a manageable project and a transparent overview of costs.


From individuals, local hires, lump summers to large-scale international career mobility programmes; we can provide a service selection fitting any of these clients.


By giving our clients direct access to a global network of trained local consultants we are able to avoid traditional stacking fee traps that make relocation services very expensive.


Through our global ReloAngel network we can function as the sole point of contact for corporates moving employees to multiple locations around the globe.