Our Vision

RelocateYourself aims to be a leading, foremost innovative relocation platform. A single point of contact, providing a world-wide, cost-effective relocation solution for relocation consultancies and their relocating clients. These aims are achieved through the simplification of the relocation process to its essential activities, the use of intelligent computer software, programmed especially for this purpose and by optimally involving the relocating individuals and their families in their relocation. We define a D.I.Y. relocation culture that makes the relocating individual and their accompanying family members central to their relocation process. We provide the relocation consultancies that deploy our software (we named them Relocation Angels) and their relocating clients a clear online view of their relocation programme and the progress of the various stages of their relocation.

The Benefits

Our software assists the relocating client to identify their needs quickly and plan accordingly. Clients select their required services and are automatically updated of their progress throughout the relocation process. This significantly helps the client and their family focus on integrating in their new environment, while additionally reducing the high cost compared to traditional hand-held relocation. Clients benefit from the expertise and experience of a global team of relocation experts. The relocating client can spend as much or as little as they like and channel their resources into services of their choosing. The relocation consultant is there to assist, support and protect the client and their interests throughout the relocation process and beyond. The software platform has been designed to put the relocating client in the driving seat, cut unnecessary administration and give the client 24/7 access to the their personal file. And meanwhile our software developers search for new developments to improve and extend the functionality of the online platform.

The ReloAngels

We work with an international team of relocation consultants, trained in the use of our software. We have named them Relocation Angels or Angels for short. Angels are local relocation experts who know all the ins and outs of life in their particular region and country. Angels support, advise and accompany clients throughout all stages of their relocation. The relocating client communicates directly, online, with their personal Angel. If a special need arises a client can also meet their Angel face-to-face. There is no question too complex nor subject too obscure for the Angels. Thanks to their personal network Angels provide accurate, useful and reliable information 24/7 to support the relocating client and their families.

The Management Team

Michele Bar-Pereg founder and chief executive officer, is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience the relocation industry. Back in the 1980s, Michele founded a relocation company that expanded throughout Europe. She has worked with major corporations on HR policy advice, group moves, spouse and dual career issues and much more. A former President of EuRA, the European Relocation Association, she is a winner of numerous awards and continues to offer creative solutions for people who relocate or manage mobility. Michele is pioneering and innovative, and knows the global relocation industry inside out and the best people in the relocation industry.

Sharon Reher chief innovation officer, brings her extensive reward knowledge, and experience of the financial side of planning a relocation, to our team. She is well able to advise companies, especially where there are multi-countries and varied budgets to manage. Her speciality is assisting organisations and Assignees who predominantly use, or receive Cash Lump Sum as the relocation benefit, to obtain the most value from this solution. She is able to provide a framework to ensure both a wise use of ‘the spend’ for the Assignee, whilst maintaining the appropriate duty of care desired by the organisation.