Worldwide experience
supplying corporate
people with practical
relocation assistance

We put assignees in the driving seat, helping them spend relocation budget wisely, guiding them before, during and well after a move has taken place. Our system enables continuous support as careers develop and circumstances change. We have created time efficient and cost effective relocation solutions through an online platform delivering tailored relocation services in real time. Personal support and advice is supplied by local ReloAngels. The service is completely interactive, driven by the needs and questions of the expatriate and their family members, working with one point of contact, the ReloAngel

Moving for ­study,
work or retirement?
We promote a new
do it yourself culture,
delivered online

The ReloAngels,
our global network
of local relocation professionals

ReloAngels are our professional relocation experts. They are local to the assignees destination, trained and certified by RelocateYourself. They have extensive experience with, and access to the local community and customs. They are the experts that answer questions, solve problems, guide, support and protect the relocating individual and their dependents prior to, throughout and well after their relocation.